‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Elementary’: New spins on old classics

These days on TV, everything old is new again: The CW’s sexy new reboot of the ’80s hit “Beauty and the Beast” and CBS’s modern-day take of the Sherlock Holmes tale with “Elementary” are the latest remakes to hit the primetime schedule this fall.

Watch our latest Fall TV Preview video to see how these classics have been revamped, revitalized, and re-energized via a completely new version.

"Elementary" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on CBS. "Beauty and the Beast" premieres Thursday, 10/11 at 9 PM on The CW.

A CW interview with Kristin and Jay on the Red Carpet

Press Tour 2012: 'Beauty & The Beast,' Kristin Kreuk get animal 

Some fans of retro TV may remember “Beauty & The Beast” as an ’80s TV show starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, but the CW hopes a new reboot premiering Thurs. Oct. 11 (9:00 p.m. ET) will freshen up the concept. This time around, the beast isn’t a lion living underground, but a former soldier (played by Jay Ryan) whose been subjected to experiments while serving in the military. “We talked about the idea… of a super soldier gone bad,” Executive Producer Sherri Cooper told an audience of press tour journalists. And don’t get too comfortable with this beast basically being a good guy, either. “He’s going to become beastlier [as the series continues] and we’re going to explore story wise what the reasons are [for him to change]. He is going to get worse…”

Though Ryan’s beast is better looking than most (and can pass as purely human except when he’s enraged), Executive Producer Jennifer Levin brushed off a question from the audience about whether this essentially defangs the drama. “Most of the beasts in our lives don’t look like actual beasts. So there’s thing of, ‘What happens when you do fall in love with a beast?’ which we related to much more than [a character that’s purely] beastly on the outside.”

The show not only reimagines the beast; it gives the character of Catherine a reboot as well. “I think this Catherine, after she sees her mom killed in front of her, she becomes very committed to being someone who never has something like this happen to her again,” said star Kristin Kreuk, who can actually draw on her own martial arts training to fight off bad guys on her own.

Though the CW did procure the rights to the ’80s show and the producers call the series a reboot, they promise the new show will keep the best of that series but give it a modern, original twist. ” We loved the ’80s show, but we didn’t want to just copy that,” said Cooper. “We wanted Catherine to be somebody who could be saved but could also save Vincent. We wanted to understand why he was a beast, which back then [on the original show] maybe wasn’t as important. The CW said, you don’t have to be beholden to anything.”

The show may also draw some inspiration from another popular show. “I think this is very complicated,” Cooper added. “If you fall in love with a Dexter, what do you do? We can all use a little psychiatric help. That’s the beast and the beauty in all of us.”

Expect this show, as a police procedural with a fair amount of butt-kicking, to toss more bad guys into the mix. “There definitely will be big villains coming up,” said Levin. “A female beast, we’ve talked about all of that.”

Given that Catherine will be falling in love with a Vincent who is prone to violence, one journalist wondered if maybe this wouldn’t veer into the uncomfortable territory of domestic abuse a la Rihanna and Chris Brown. “We’re very aware of that line, and there is this moral code underneath it and we’re very careful not to cross it,” Cooper said. “Unlike what happened in that situation, he’s not attacking her.”

As Ryan was quick to add, “She gives as good as she gets as well… the conflict is balanced.”

But don’t let all the police stuff throw you off — this is closer to “Vampire Diaries” than “Criminal Minds.” “At its heart it is a romance,” Cooper said. ”There will always be a close ended case, but we’ll always feel Catherine and Vincent where they’re at [emotionally]. They do have a lot of obstacles and there will be triangles, so there will be ways to keep them apart. But their chemistry is so amazing, you always want to see them together in the same room. Or roof.”

Not that they’re going to fall into bed anytime soon. “I think it’s so lovely to put on [romance] now, when it’s always sex at first sight,” said Ryan. So, maybe some things will be a little old-fashioned after all.

Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan: TCA Summer Party 2012!

Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan pose together as they attend the Television Critics Association’s Summer Party 2012 held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (July 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress and her Beauty and the Beast co-star were joined by Arrow stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristin Kreuk

Also pictured: President of the CW network Mark Pedowitz and First Cut stars Justin Hartley and Mamie Gummer.


Kristin Kreuk 2012 Summer TCA Party - Red Carpet 

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Kristin Kreuk - CW, CBS and Showtime Summer TCA Party, LA (July 29)

Twitter Feed on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at TCAs 

TV Guide

  • Beauty and the Beast EPs says it’s more interesting for the beast to be inner beastly than to look beastly on the outside
  • Jay Ryan says his character is going to become more of a Jekyll and Hyde-like character as the season progresses
  • Kristin Kreuk received a note from original Beauty & the Beast star Linda Hamilton on the first day of shooting. “It’s rad.”
  • #BeautyandtheBeast’s Jay Ryan: “The beast is the disease and it’s trying to come out and he’s trying to suppress it.”
  • Does the beast have hairy nipples? That remains to be seen. Ryan says they’re still trying to figure out his look
  • Jay Ryan recalls watching the original #BeautyandtheBeast TV series everyday after school growing up. Calls this role “an honor”
  • Kristin Kreuk does many of her own stunts
  • Kristin Kreuk says she was more informed by the Disney version of #BeautyandtheBeast than the original TV series
  • Kreuk on #Smallville vs. #BeautyandtheBeast “I know the realities of what I’m getting into more than I did.” But she’s still nervous

Diane Gordon

  • Jennifer Levin: what happens when you do fall in love with the beast? more beastly on inside is interesting to us
  • Jay Ryan: there’s 2 people inside this one character. Victor trying to suppress serial killer inside of him. Beast becomes more dangerous
  • Sherri Cooper: we came at it from grounded perspective -fell in love with super soldier gone bad idea.
  • Cooper: He will become beastlier. He is going to get worse. We’ll explore past situation that went badly. 
  • Kreuk: I’ve had a charmed life. I feel so lucky. I didn’t plan it. Got to be w/family when I needed to be with them & travel the world.
  • Kristin Kreuk got a note from Linda Hamilton - so did Jay Ryan. Surprising and wonderful sez Kristin.
  • Three producers from the original 1980s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST are involved with the CW’s reboot as well.
  • Levin: there will be big villains coming up.
  • Jay Ryan: Vincent has DNA from many diff animals. Many hrs in makeup (EP Levin says they’ve also talked about a female beast.)
  • Jay Ryan: I want to push the boundaries of the beast in the series - how far/high can he jump? Make the audience see/hear/feel like Vincent
  • Cooper & Levin: we want to understand how Vincent came to be a beast. Is he a beast all the time? He’s 2 diff versions
  • Cooper & Levin sound like their research for #BATB is comparing notes about past boyfriends.
  • Cooper & Levin: don’t want to make katherine/vincent relationship an abusive one
  • Studio & network approached Cooper & Levin with Beast idea. It was a process we came together on, says Cooper.
  • Cooper: we want to use contemporary music, show has romantic feelings, music is really important, want to have our own sound
  • Jay Ryan: Jekyll/Hyde great place to start. Catherine makes Vincent more comfortable w/the beast in him.
  • Kelly Soulders says Kristin does a lot of her own stunts, very strong, kick-ass. Very easy to see her in this role & what she connects to
  • Cooper; it is a romance, there are close-ended cases but it’s about the Catherine/vincent relationship, there will be triangles.
  • Cooper: he’s a beast but not to her. He’s looking out for her, protected her. You feel they are meant to be, they share sense of loss.

Marisa Roffman

  • “He’s going to be becoming beastlier,” the #BeautyandtheBeast EPs say of Jay Ryan’s Vincent.
  • “Vincent is the body and the beast is the disease,” Jay Ryan says.
  • “We’re very aware of that line,” #BeautyandtheBeast EPs say about being careful not to cross the line of portraying an abusive relationship.
  • One of the longest conversations the EPs have had with The CW is about music.

Danielle Turchiano

  • Jennifer Lavin says #BatB is about the beast in their lives, they don’t often look like a creature.
  • Jay Ryan considers the beast a serial killer, while Vincent Keller tries to suppress him. So it’s The CW’s #DoNoHarm.
  • “It’s my first real move. We’re filming in Toronto. East coast!” Kristin Kreuk, whose winter vest I love right now.
  • “This entity is out to get him and there definitely will be big villains coming up. We’ve talked about other beasts— a female beast.”
  • Jay Ryan says he researched strongest elements of a lot of animals to create physicality of his beast.
  • “Vincent is the body; the beast is the disease” - Jay Ryan. “Less is more” on the beast look in the pilot but it will intensity.
  • “Does he have more scars? Does he have hairy nipples?” Jay Ryan says we’ll see more of the beast’s transformation on series
  • #BatB will explore the how and why of how Vincent came to be a beast as well as how love story will save both characters.
  • “There are answers that are going to slowly trickle out” #BatB producers say of Catherine’s mother’s murder
  • Kristin does a ton of her stunts, including being dangled over a dam.
  • Jay Ryan looks forward to a more Shakespearan courting rather than just getting to sex right away, as most TV does.